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1970’s Farmhouse Remodel

An early 1970s two-story farmhouse was completely gutted of the dark panel, outdated flooring, block chimney, and fixtures.

The Results
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  • Four-Seasons Outdoor Space
  • Outdoor Infrared Heat
  • Ductless Heating & Cooling
  • Smart-Home Lighting, Outlets & Blinds

Kara Walk of Swalling Walk Architects in Olympia designed this renovation which also included adding off all four sides of the original home. Many of the original exterior walls were opened up to meet the new spaces. The master suite wing also served as a way to connect a detached garage. A small upstairs bedroom received a large dormer to create an office space.

A large four seasons outdoor space was created with screen panels which had removable glass panels. The space is heated with flush mount infra-red heaters. Additional natural light comes down through several skylights.

The home is heated and cooled by several ductless heat pump units which serve several types of heads – surface mount, ceiling cassettes, and ducted mini-split. A heat recovery ventilator serves to supply fresh air while removing moist stale air.

Some features of this home are wi-fi controlled including lights, outlets, and blinds.

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