How to have a Positive Remodel Experience

It can be daunting to start the process of remodeling your home. You’re tired of that under-functional kitchen, crowded bathroom, or dark, uninviting living room, but the prospect of spending your hard-earned income and welcoming a crew of workers to your home to make noise and a mess is unappealing. Perhaps you’ve heard horror stories (or had first-hand experience) with projects costing far more than the estimate, delays, and uncommunicative contractors. We invite you to have a positive remodel experience with the team at Lane French Homes.


It’s normal to start feeling out of control once a home remodel begins. The team at Lane French Homes has systems in place to help you manage that potentially uncomfortable experience.

When you remodel with Lane French Homes, you have access to a spreadsheet that details every step of the project, including costs and anticipated timeline. Our team updates that spreadsheet periodically, and we encourage regular meetings with you throughout the remodeling process to review it together.

Our books are open. Clients can request copies of invoices from any of our subcontractors and material suppliers. Your peace of mind is our highest priority.


Things happen and schedules change. We do our best to inform our clients of schedule changes as soon as possible and let them know who will be showing up for the day/week. Prompt, honest communication via voice and text message is our standard operating procedure.

Sometimes, remodels unearth surprises. Surprises usually mean a change to the original plan, and they are more common than you think. You will be consulted on in any decision that has to be made as the work on your home unfolds.


We understand that the creative process often continues after the project has begun. Our team remains flexible and checks in with our clients throughout the process to make sure they are getting what they expected. Does this space feel right? Does the flow through this area work? Plans don’t always translate well into physical reality, and we’re always ready to pivot if necessary.

Environmental Care

The team at Lane French Homes works hard to respect the cleanliness of your home throughout the remodel. It is our standard practice to protect finished floors and other surfaces, and we take measures to contain and control dust. During demolition vacuums are used to remove dust that can become airborne and travel into other parts of your home.


The final key to a positive remodel experience is planning. Check out our planning tips to learn more about how to think through your remodel and prepare for a positive experience with the team at Lane French Homes.

Remodel With Confidence

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