How to Avoid Remodel Regret

Whether it’s one room or the entire house, remodeling your home is a significant undertaking. It requires a financial commitment, planning, and sometimes prolonged disruption in the place where you eat, sleep and spend time with family. The last thing you want to feel at the end of such a project is a sense of regret.

With decades of experience in home building and remodeling, the team at Lane French Homes works hard to help you avoid “remodel regret.” We offer the following tips to minimize or eliminate regret around the smallest details of your new living space.

1. Choose a contractor based on your rapport with them.

Ask yourself these questions when speaking with a prospective contractor. Are they easy to communicate with? Do you feel a sense of trust towards them? Are they listening to you? Are they asking insightful questions?

2. Consider the bigger picture.

Make sure any contractor you hire is asking the right questions and understanding the bigger picture. For example, an experienced contractor will consider spatial aspects such as room sizes and walkway flow to avoid choke points or too-tight spaces. If plans call for (re)moving walls or adding loads to new locations, such as an island cabinet/counter, they should be asking about the weight-bearing capacity of structures above and below these areas. You and your contractor should also be considering natural light, ducting locations for exhaust and intakes, and other atmospheric elements that make living in your new space more comfortable.

3. Do your due diligence.

Ask for references and call past clients. Check out the contractor’s safety records and verify their liens and licenses on Washington State’s L&I website.

4. Expect changes.

Go into your building project knowing that surprises are inevitable. It’s important not to blame the contractor and their team for happenings beyond their control. Keep in mind that even small changes can cause big delays. This reality makes Tip #5 even more important.

5. Choose a contractor who values communication and transparency.

Ask your prospective contractors about their communication policies. Does the contractor text or call if they’re running late? Are you allowed to text or call them if something about your plans for the day change that will impact their schedule? It’s also important that you don’t feel in the dark when it comes to costs, work plans, and schedules. Ask your prospective contractor how they handle updating their clients about project costs and schedules.

Remember – it’s your home, your money, your way.

Consider the team at Lane French Homes for your next remodel! If you’re ready to start the conversation, call 360-458-0965 or email [email protected]